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Short selling your property is no easy task and who better to trust with the successful short sale of your home than Jarrod Smith and the Phoenix Brokerage Group of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty.  No other Arizona Short Sale Specialist is equipped to manage the successful short sale of your home under the new federal HAMP/ HAPA guidelines than we are.  As Superior court of Arizona Real Estate Special Commissioners we provide you the best short sale representation available today.   With over $300 million in residential property sales, we will ensure the short sale of your home is handled professionally.  The incredible opportunity to sell your home as a short sale after being declined for loan modification under HAMP / HAPA guidelines requires immediate attention.  The Phoenix Brokerage Group is fully staffed to ensure your transaction is hassle free and all critical HAMP and HAPA documents required in the short sale transaction are properly managed.  Call us today!  


The benefits of short selling your home under the new HAMP HAPA guidelines are tremendous. It’s fitting that Jarrod Smith of the Phoenix Brokerage Group at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty is the most sought after HAFA Short Sale real estate agent in Arizona. Call Jarrod today at 602-432-4743 to discuss the HAFA Short Sale of your home.  The consequences of not sort selling your home is simple, your lender will move to foreclose on your home and the collateral costs of foreclosure can be overwhelming.  Homeowners who want to short sale must qualify under HAMP guidelines.  The home must be a primary residence, serious delinquency, first lien mortgage, unpaid balance must not exceed $729,750 and the mortgage payment exceeds 31 percent of your gross income.  Under new HAMP and HAPA guidelines set forth by the U.S. Treasury, you’ll be given the opportunity to short sale your home after being declined for a loan modification if you respond within 14 days and request to short sale your home. See guidelines here: https://www.hmpadmin.com/portal/docs/hamp_servicer/sd0909.pdf

Your lender will provide you with an acceptable selling price to short sale your home and you will contact us again after receiving the sales price information.   We will begin marketing your home once we have the required documents signed.  Once an offer is received you’ll be required to submit documents for approval.  We will assist you with every step of the transaction ensuring you of a hassle free home sale.  Once approved, a closing date will be set.  You may be asking yourself, Why should I short sale my home?

The benefits of the program are significant.  You will be provided relocation funds of  $3000 once your home closes.   Additionally, any subordinate lien holders will be compensated up to 6% or $6000 to pay off a lien. By short selling your home the lender benefits from your keeping the home is presentable condition.  Additionally your credit will not be devastated as would occur in a foreclosure.  You do not pay selling or closing costs!  Your lender provides funds to close and applicable selling fees. We will assist you with document preparation and submission.  Email us today to stop the foreclosure process and short sale your home today.

How do you start the short sale process?   If you’ve been declined for a loan modification you’ll be given the opportunity to short sell your home.  Call us immediately!   You must respond to your lenders loan modification decline and request to short sale within 14 days.  Once you make the request to short sell your home  your lender will determine if you qualify, and if so, they will provide you a selling price for the home.   The transaction must be an “arms length transaction”, meaning the purchaser must not be related to the seller and any purchaser must hold the property for at least 90 days.  You choose Jarrod Smith and the Phoenix Brokerage Group as your real estate broker and we’ll begin a professional marketing campaign immediately. You’ll be given 120 days to sell your home.  You may also request to short sale your home if you have not applied for a loan modification. Once we have a contract on the home we’ll submit this to your lender for final approval.  In the past this process took months and was more often than not, unsuccessful.  Under new HAMP HAPA guidelines your loan provider will respond within 3 days!    You’re your home is closed you’ll be free of the obligation and your lender may not pursue you for any debt on the property.  After close of escrow you’ll be provide funds up to $3000 to move into new housing.  Additional funds are set aside out of proceeds from the sale of your home to pay lien holders and other miscellaneous fees.

Do not delay contacting us.  You need the best short sale licensed real estate broker, one that complies with the HAMP / HAPA short selling requirements. 
Visit www.phoenixbrokerage.com for more information.

For a free no obligation consultation Call today!  602-432-4743 ask for Jarrod

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Investors can purchase  HAFA approved properties after April 5th 2010.   Investors who purchased short sales in the past spent months pursuing individual properties.  The hassles of purchasing short sale properties will be a thing of the past under HAFA guidelines.  Trustees’s sales have become highly competitive in the past few quarters and the newest market for investor properties will no doubt be HAFA approved short sales.  We have an uncanny ability to discover the best buys in today’s competitive market and put contracts together efficiently to ensure we stay ahead of the pack. Investment in HAFA short sale homes is a tremendous opportunity and returns should be strong and they offer a profitable alternative to trustee sales.    Everyone benefits from the new guidelines and the condition of homes should be much better than typical abandoned trustee sale homes.  Call us to day to begin your acquisition of HAFA approved short sales.   602-432-4743

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Jarrod Smith is clearly the choice for HAFA short sale representation in Arizona.  Jarrod leads the Phoenix Brokerage Group at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty.   No other team has the experience and real estate short sale acumen to ensure the successful close of escrow within the sales price guidelines set forth.  We’ll provide you HAFA BPO’S within 24 hours.  We provide comparable sales data to assist in determining the expected recovery to ensure the short sale is in the best interest of the investor, guarantor and/or mortgage insurer.  We pledge loan servicers the most successful HAFA Short Sale  representation available today.  We provide an aggressive marketing strategy that consistently sells properties ahead of their peer group.  HAMP / HAFA Short Sales require an attention to detail and level of efficiency only a handful of agents can provide. You’ll have access to up to the minute transaction updates and sales information on our website.  You’ll have access to us 7 days a week and in most cases receive same day feedback.  We have successfully closed over $300 million in residential sales over the last decade and look forward to your recommending us to your clients.  Our resume is attached.  

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