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The market opportunity and potential return on capital in the residential property foreclosure market is unparalleled today.

Our approach is simple and successful. Our ability to focus on the best investments across all price ranges, cost effectively prepare them for the market and position each investment to sell ahead of the market, is the key to our success. Our market niche as the only Certified Home in the resale market not only attracts value seekers but the entire market of re-sale home-buyers. We offer a brand like no other in the foreclosure re-sale market offering a number of services and warranty packages giving end users peace of mind like no other. For the investor we provide a vast array of services ranging from simple acquisition of properties at Trustee’s sales to full demolition and re-model work on properties.

Investments in foreclosure properties as well as timely short sale properties can be rewarding but it must be approached with caution. Critical steps must be taken and we provide a number of services to our investors that are intended to hedge risk as best possible in foreclosure and short sale investments. For our hands off investors, we have joint ventured with a number of valued partners including Copperline Contracting, Greystone Title and Bid AZ Foreclosures.
Copperline provides timely assessments and detailed quotes on properties in need of substantial improvements to make them marketable. Bid Ariazona Foreclosures acquires our properties at a flat hassle-free rate.  Are you ready to  invest in foreclosed homes today?

It's a foregone conclusion that at least 4 million units will be foreclosed upon over the next couple of years (recent estimates by other researchers are as high as 7 million). With annual sales currently running at a bit more than 5 million annually, these 4 million-7 million units have the potential to generate substantial profits when managed carefully. One of the most significant variables today is the turn rate. The number of times we turn your investment per year. We have the assets that provide you the best managed real estate transactions in the business. Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss opportunities available in this timely investment.

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