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I couldn't help myself from starting a new blog based on the incredible deals I put together in the Top 10 buys blog with a bit of a twist. As many who follow my Top 10 blog know, the homes placed there have sold in almost every instance. Some have sold in days while others took months but the outcome was the same, SOLD! Just last week I closed 3312 Stella at 2.2 million that was probably the deal of the quarter, a short sale approved by M&I Corp.

The Twist? I'm going to place every foreclosure, REO and short sale that is a mind blowing deal on this blog. As soon as the home is made available, you'll have access to it. If I have additional information that is critical to the transaction, I'll give it to you as your representative. I just had a customer stop by my open house and share that they had missed out on the buy of a lifetime on Valley Vista in Paradise Valley, AZ. I knew the deal very well, in fact, had they contacted prior to submitting their bid they would have improved their odds tremendously, as I knew the trustee in he transaction and could have put the deal together for them.

I will also post additional details and offer further search options and comparable market analysis at www.phoenixbrokerage.com . If you are not using this website as a tool for buying and selling luxury real estate, you are missing the boat. You have access to up to the minute information saving you hundreds of thousands on the buy side as well as access to my marketing tools that are critical if you intend on selling your home in this tumultuous market.

So here are a couple of deals just hitting the market that cannot be overlooked. Call me this weekend to see them. As you may well know, these deals do not last a week anymore. Anything that will take more than a few days to sell will not make the list. Click the links below to see what I am talking about.

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There are some incredible buys out there today but the numbers are dwindling rapidly, thus the increased competition to purchase the next great deal to hit the market.

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